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I love immunizations! They keep my patients healthy and out of the hospital. Having seen patients suffer from vaccine preventable diseases, I would never wish that suffering on any family. They are the most well studied and evidence based intervention that I provide in my office. I also love to talk about immunizations! Why we recommend each one when we do, what are reasons to delay, and how they can protect your child.

Dr. Alicia Lachiondo

Dr. Alicia Lachiondo is a strong advocate for children. She is a young pediatrician working at St. Luke’s Children’s, Treasure Valley Pediatrics that has quickly become an integral part of the medical community. She is dedicated to protecting as many children as possible and immunizations are a strong focus of her practice.

Dr. Lachiondo is dedicated to education. She has been actively involved with the Idaho Immunization Coalition and HPV Free ID – speaking at conferences for both organizations.

Specifically, she has spoken about vaccine hesitancy and education through social media. She also testified in front of the state legislature’s Health and Welfare committee regarding processes to make vaccine tracking easier for patients.